R.X 黃浩邦 - Beatbox Artist, Rapper, Actor


中國Beatbox大賽2012(設備組)全國第二名。 除beatbox以外更從事說唱創作、廣告等等。多次接受各大電視台及電台的演出及專訪。 被內地及香港傳媒稱為香港beatbox界領軍人物。

2009年起,在不同的公開場合,先後與不同的歌手及知名藝人合作,如方大同、何韻詩、趙曾熹 王菀之、陶傑、王梓軒、MC JIN、狄易達等。

RX黃浩邦曾參與多個國際知名品牌宣傳活動及廣告音樂製作。包括: Levi's 廣告與何韻詩擔 任主角、SONY電玩-GT5廣告主角等。

10年受邀到馬來西亞擔任當地著名說唱組合<慢行>的演唱會嘉賓。11年又獲邀與香港歌手王梓軒 到日本TBS全國電視台與由AKB48監製帶領的日本歌手比賽,結果打破日本四連勝,被TBS電 視台稱為千之聲男,為港爭光。2012擔任王梓軒RISING演唱會嘉賓。最近更與為TVB香港回歸 十五周年文藝晚會擔任表演嘉賓。

RX WONG Ho Pong, is a well known beatbox artist around the world.
He is ranked 2nd in China Beatbox contest 2012(loopstation Group). Not only as a beatboxer, but also for his ability to be a rapper and actor in TVC.He accepted many interviews and performances on major TV broadcasts and radio programs . And he has won a name which is 'The leader of HK Beatbox.

Since 2009, RX has performed with other well known artists and celebrities in different places. These artists and celebrities include 方大同khalil fong、何韻詩HOCC, 王菀之Ivana Wong,陶傑To Kit, Chiu Tsang Hei, MC JIN etc.

He also participated in promotional activities for international brands, including Levi's advert representing with何韻詩HOCC, and main character in SONY Playstation advert.

In 2010, he was a guest in concert (famous rap crew in Malaysia). In 2011, he participated in a Japanese singing contest with a Hong Kong singer Jonnathan Wong. This contest was organised by TBS Television Broadcast in Japan and leaded by a music producer of a popular team AKB48. They are ranked 1st in this contest and have eventually broken the record in Japan. After this contest, RX has won a new name "The thousand voices Man" in Japan.In 2012, RX was invited to be a guest in Jonathan Wong RISING concert . And recently, he was a guest performer in the 15th anniversary reunification celebration, orgained by TVB broadcast in HK.